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Phase I : Facebook Ads Campaign Setup

Facebook Ads Setup Service includes:

Identifying how to target your ideal prospects on FB using a range of markers including interests, demographics and custom audiences. We will conduct research to identify the best possible targeting opportunities. 

Drafting ad copy and designing images to ensure your ads, the offer and the landing page are all congruent with your most likely prospects.

Building your landing pages. This is where the prospect ‘lands’ after clicking on your ads. An effective landing page converts more visitors into leads and sales.

Installing conversion tracking to measure the number of leads and sales generated directly from the FB AD campaign. Through this, we can calculate your return on investment (ROI) and gain invaluable insight into ad performance.

The final step is to precisely set up your campaign in Facebook and ensure the correct settings are in place. We’ll ensure your targeting, device settings, bids, and conversion tracking are all good to go. 

Personal trainer ad. Man lifting weights
British Airways Travel 2 Day sale ad

Phase II : Facebook Ads Management & Optimization

Ongoing Management & Optimization includes:

Editing your audience targeting, bids and budgets to maximize your return on investment. Raising bids to drive more traffic from profitable audiences, and lowering bids to reduce traffic from unprofitable audiences.

Testing different ad and landing page copy to improve click-through and sales conversion rates. A/B split testing is the process of testing two different versions to determine which performs better over a specified time.

Providing strategic recommendations to improve your campaign performance. This includes your lead gen, sales and follow-up processes. Our goal is to continually improve your advertising ROI so we can profitably expand the campaign.

Once the campaign is profitable we aim towards expansion to drive even more leads and sales.

Reporting twice a month with campaign performance and analysis.